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UV laser marking machine
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Equipment introduction:

The UV laser marking machine uses a semiconductor end-pumped laser to generate a 355 nm UV laser at a triple frequency. High photoelectric conversion rate, simple use, stable equipment, galvanometer high-precision marking lens, fine effect, 355nm output wavelength, reducing the thermal impact on the workpiece.

Applicable materials:

Applicable to the surface marking of glass, polymer materials, etc., micro-hole processing.

Applicable industry:

It is widely used for marking the surface of packaging bottles of food materials such as food, medicine, cosmetics, electric wires, etc.

Class I Laser enclosure. 

  1. Door with safety interlock

  2. Full aluminum enclosure with UV safe window.

  3. Keys for access limitations

  4. Labels with power, wavelength and google requirements

  5. Emission indicator

  6. Emergency stop

Product NameItemsSpec and BrandQTYUnit
UV Laser Marking MachineLaser Generator355nm1Pcs
Laser PowerCompletely set power with laser generator1set
Red Light System3K Laser1Pcs
Cooling SystemAir + Water1Pcs
PCIndustrial Computer1Pcs

Laser Source PowerW3W5W8W
Min Charactermm0.150.150.15
Repeatability Precisionmm±0.002±0.002±0.002
Beam Quality≤1.2≤1.2≤1.2
Adjustable FrequencyKHz25-10025-10025-100
Marking Areamm100*100/150*150/100*100/150*150/100*100/150*150/
Marking Speedmm/s≤7000≤7000≤7000
Cooling SystemcoolingAirWaterWater
Voltagepower supply220V±5%/50Hz/5A220V±5%/50Hz/5A220V±5%/50Hz/5A
Machine Power ConsumptionW500600800