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Jewelry laser welding machine
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The jewelry spot welding machine is specially designed for the electronics industry and the jewelry industry. The system is stable and easy to operate. It can be used for gold and silver jewelry electronic components to fill holes, spot welding sand holes, welding inserts and so on.


■ High single-pulse energy.low power consumption, low heat effect, and it is not hot when soldering.

■ High effieciency YAG crystal to ensure the best beam quality and energy.

■ No need to fill the solder,high welding speed ,reliable joint,  small workpiece deformation,good molding.

■ The water-cooled integrated laser welding system is compact and small in size. 

■ Stable laser power supply to ensure the system able to operate in 24hours.


It is widely used in the precision welding of jewellery, dentures, sand watches, hairsprings, integrated circuit leads, various tiny, heat-sensitive parts, suitable for optoelectronic devices, electronics, communications, machinery, automotive, military, gold jewelry and other industries.


Applicable to gold, silver, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, chromium, nickel, titanium, tantalum and other metals or alloys.

Jewelry Spot Welding MachineItemsSpecMark
Laser RodYAG
Xenon lampPulse
Laser PowerStrengthen Pulse Power Supply
Cooling SystemCooling TankLaser dedicated
Control SystemSingle chip microcomputer
Surveillance SystemMicroscope system

Performance/ModelUnit SK-LSW100SK-LSW150SK-LSW200
Max Output PowerW100150200
Laser Generator
Pump Source
Xenon lampXenon lampXenon lamp
Max Pulse EnergyJ60
Pulse Widthms0.1-20
Max Pulse EnergyHz0.5-50
Spot Diametermm0.1-2
Welding Depthmm≤2.5
Cooling System
Water coolingWater coolingWater cooling