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High Speed Laser Cutting
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High speed precision laser cutting machine is mainly for high-speed and high-precision laser processing of thin plates. The whole machine runs stably, the technology is mature, the cutting efficiency is high, the overall rigidity of the equipment host is good, the strength is high, the acceleration performance is good, and the structural deformation is effectively prevented.


■ Good beam quality, small focusing spot, and cutting lines are fine.

■ Support processing order browsing, support breakpoint memory, allow partial graphics processing, support 

    round tube cutting and plane cutting.

■ Support a variety of graphic data, can be automatically optimized, automatically distinguish between internal 

    and external modes and sorting, etc., or manually perform operations.

■ Powerful library function that saves all process parameters for repeated use of the same material.


It is widely used in jewelry, watch and glasses, lighting, kitchen and bathroom products, digital products, auto parts, precision instruments and meters, electronic components, household appliances, medical devices, mobile phone, hardware structure and other industries.


 It is suitable for fast cutting of various metal plates, pipes, stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, galvanized sheet, all kinds of alloy plates, rare metals and other materials.

ItemsSpec and BrandMark
Cabinet、Operator station overall supporting structure、Electrical System、Guide3K LaserOverall rigidity is good, high strength. Processed by large CNC milling machine, Precision Linear Guides, Marble workbench to ensure precision cutting and welding. all welding parts will be treated instantly. eliminate welding stress and distortion,effectively prevent structural deformation.
Laser GeneratorOptional500W、1000W、2000W(Option)
Special laser cutting CNC systemImport
Z axis Follower Moving SystemImport
Cutting HeadImport cutting head

Performance/ModelUnit SK-FQCW150SK-FQCW300SK-FQCW450
Max output PowerW150300450
XYZ axis Effective Travelmm600(X)*600(Y)*100*(Z)
Max AccelerationG1.2
XY axis Moving Speedm/min60
Positioning Accuracymm±0.01
Repeatability Precisionmm±0.004mm with Linear Motor